HUMAN HABITAT is a design and build studio based in Copenhagen and New York.


Our design solutions emerges from a foundation of the Cradle to Cradle philosophy and holistic sustainability. We are actively engaged in the circular economic design revolution and committed to creating ecologically vital and socially vibrant communities.


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Mikkel Kjær
Co-Founder & CEO


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Ronnie Markussen


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Mathias Franck
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IMPACT FARM is a two-storey timber greenhouse intentionally designed to utilise neglected urban spaces for eco-efficient cultivation of greens and potentially strengthen the cohesion and resiliency of the local community. The top floor is reserved for intense cultivation of greens in a soil-free vertical hydroponic system. The method of hydroponic cultivation results in significant savings in use of freshwater. On top of this rainwater is collected on the roof and solar panels cover a part of the energy consumption. 


The ground floor is used both as a working area and as a space for social and educational purposes. The inside of the container is used for water tanks, seedling racks and technical installations. The farm is designed as a two storey greenhouse build around an upcycled 20 ft. shipping container. All components are pre-fabricated, and fits within the container. The structure is made from robust, sustainably sourced and reused materials. The shipping container is retained and used as an integral part of the design and ready to reuse when the IMPACT FARM is disassembled for relocation. 


Designed for fast assembly and potential disassembly the IMPACT FARM contributes to the development of the circular economy being the worlds first small-scale vertical farm and food hub 100 % designed for disassembly. 


IMPACT FARM is a small building block in the process of building a new, fair and balanced food system. The uniqueness of the design comes from a successful combination of intense and eco-effective cultivation of greens and the creation of an urban farm hub right in the heart of the big city. In this way the IMPACT FARM is not only a tangible solution providing access to fresh produce within large urban environments, it also serves as an educational tool and holds the potential to create awareness of the origins of our food. 

The IMPACT FARM concept represents a holistic and pragmatic approach to climate adaptation. Our intention is to plant a seed of hope for a more just and resilient food system. 


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Tony Hillery

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Founder & Executive Director at Harlem Grown

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Tania Zulu Holt

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Partner, McKinsey


Dave Hazan

    Director of Controlled Environment Agriculture, NY Sunworks

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    Paul Rye Kledal

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    Aquaponic visionary and agricultural economist


    Tobias Lau

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    Chairman of the board at Beyond Coffee and CEO Beyond Mushrooms