The first IMPACT FARM on US ground is currently being installed in Harlem in New York City in a partnership with Harlem Grown, an independent, non-profit organization with a mission to inspire youth to lead healthy and ambitious lives through mentorship and hands-on education in urban farming, sustainability, and nutrition. Since 2011 Harlem Grown has driven the transformation of several abandoned lots in Harlem into thriving urban farms for the benefit of the local community.
A new property presents an exciting opportunity for Harlem Grown to construct their most ambitious urban farm so far – from the ground up – to transform a neglected city lot into a lush, green, urban agricultural community hub.The centerpiece of this new urban farm will be the Harlem Grown IMPACT FARM and it will be jointly maintained by the children, families and community members who come together to learn and work with Harlem Grown each day.
Through this pilot project, Harlem Grown hopes to present a viable model for replication that can help to increase access to farm fresh produce throughout lower-income neighborhoods in the urban landscape.
Harlem Grown’s vision is to transform this space into an innovative urban agriculture center and green oasis for the Harlem community.