The initial prototype was installed in the neighbourhood of Nørrebro in Copenhagen in January 2016. During 2016 the Copenhagen IMPACT FARM has hosted educational workshops, concerts, food & cooking festivals, international visits and delegations, exhibitions, and succeeded in connecting urban farmers and thereby strengthened the urban farming eco-system of Copenhagen. The majority of the produce has been distributed to local cafés and restaurants.


After 15 months the prototype was disassembled and packed up in the container - and moved to a more permanent location in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. The successful relocation was possible because of generous support from the RealDania foundation that focuses on increasing quality of life within the built environment. The updated version of IMPACT FARM 1.0 was fully operational by May of 2018. It is the original unit - with updates based on the learnings from the pilot project test period - both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. The primary focus will be to increase plant production and optimise climate control.


IMPACT FARM Copenhagen is now a part of University College Copenhagen. Where it provides hand-on experience in urban agriculture and hydroponic cultivation for the students of health and nutrition. They are now actively contributing to the maintenance and development of their own vertical farm and food hub.

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