IMPACT FARM is a two-storey growhouse/greenhouse intentionally designed to utilised neglected urban spaces for eco-efficient cultivation of greens and potentially strengthen the coherence and resilience of the local community. The top floor is reserved for intense cultivation of greens in a soil-free hydroponic system. Vertical growing methods results in more plants pr.square ft.
The ground floor is used as working and social area. The inside of the container is used for water tanks, seedling racks and technical installations. IMPACT FARM is resource-efficient with a capacity to produce a high yield of greens. The method of hydroponic cultivation results in significant savings in use of freshwater (est.70-85 pct. savings compared to more conventional methods of production). On top of this we collect rainwater on the roof and solar panels covers a part of the energy consumption.
IMPACT FARM is an example of design for disassembly. All components are pre-fabricated, and fits within the 20 ft. shipping container. After arrival on site the container is unpacked and the greenhouse is being built step-by-step around the container. Just like an assembly-kit.
This feature enables relocation of the project. This circular economic approach to designing and building an urban farm is unique. All materials are sustainably sourced as far as possible and picked for their longevity and reusability.
IMPACT FARM is a small building block in the process of building a new, fair and balanced food system. The uniqueness of the design comes from a successful combination of intense and eco-efficient cultivation of greens and the creation of an urban farm hub right in the heart of the big city. Our intention is to sow a seed of hope for a more just and resilient food system.
The IMPACT FARM concept represent a holistic and pragmatic approach to climate adaptation. We strive to create awareness about the origins of the food we consume everyday and at the same time to contribute with a tangible solution and a real-use case.